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Jessica Mehrara, FNP-C

Medical Director, Nurse Injector

Hi! I’m Jess! I am a nurse practitioner and nurse injector at Liv+Lo! I became interested in aesthetics because I was looking for a creative outlet and something to bring positive energy to my career. Injecting at Liv+Lo has brought so much joy and happiness to my life and career, it has refreshed my passion to love what I do. I have met so many amazing women who genuinely support each other, something I have never been a part of. My favorite part of injecting is seeing my client’s face light and leave a much more confident person. So, hit me up if you wanna look and feel like a hottie! ;) 

Why did you decide to get into injecting and/or aesthetics? 

I became interested in aesthetics because I was looking for a creative outlet and something to bring positive energy to my career. Working at the hospital can be very depressing, mentally and physically draining, and stressful. At Liv+Lo, I feel like I am getting to hang out with my friends, while making people feel good AND look good! :) 

How did you realize injecting/aesthetics was your calling? 

I realized that aesthetics was my calling when I took my first injecting class and my instructor who has been in aesthetics for a long time told me I was a natural and when my model cried because she was so happy with her results. I have always been great with procedures and needles, but getting to be creative while making people happy and confident is the best feeling in the world! 

What would you like clients to know before coming to an appointment with you? What can they expect?

I would like clients to know that when you come see me, it's a judgment free zone! Get comfy and let's achieve your aesthetic goals. Clients can expect a laid back appointment with me! Don’t be nervous! We talk about your aesthetic goals and what we can achieve. I explain the process of the procedure and before you know it you are walking out feeling confident! :)

What is your favorite treatment to give and your favorite treatment to receive?

My favorite treatment to give is any filler! I love the instant gratification! My favorite treatment to receive is a facial! I get monthly facials for “me time” and skin care is also a priority of mine!

What is the biggest misconception people have about the aesthetics industry? 

The biggest misconception people have about the aesthetics industry is that you will come out looking “botched” or “fake.” Aesthetic treatments can still be very natural looking!

What is your favorite thing about Liv + Lo? 

My favorite thing about Liv+Lo is the genuine women that make the company! Hunter and Amanda have done an amazing job finding the right people to work together and make a great team. We support each other and fellow people in the beauty industry. The beauty industry can be an intimidating and harsh environment, but Liv+Lo really brings something different; a positive and supportive feel. I am blessed to be able to be part of their team!

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