Megan Pham, RN-BSN

Liv + Lo, Modern Luxe Aesthetics | Medical Aesthetic Injector

Megan combines her nursing skills and passion for medical aesthetics to bring her clients a confidence boosting experience that will have them looking and feeling their best! 


After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Regis University in 2020, Megan worked in an Adult Medical Surgical unit and is currently a Cardiac Peds RN and Nurse Injector. 


As a nurse, moving into the aesthetics space has always been a goal of hers. This past year, Megan had the opportunity to work alongside Amanda Batter, RN-BSN, PharmD of Liv + Lo Beauty and Wellness Collective which allowed her to fine tune her skills and grow as an injector. She intends to become a Nurse Practitioner and open her own MedSpa in the near future. 


Megan strives to provide luxurious treatments, while maintaining transparency to allow her clients to achieve the best results.

Why did you decide to get into Aesthetic Nursing? 

I’ve always had a passion for being in the beauty industry and I have always admired certain injectors who have helped keep their clients so youthful while at the same time looking natural, that you can’t tell they’ve had anything done!

What do you want my clients to know before coming to you?

If you’re coming in and expecting so and so done, if I tell you no, please don’t take it personally. You either don’t need it or it just won’t balance your facial features. Saving your pockets not mine! 


What do you love about being a part of Liv + Lo Beauty and Wellness Collective?

The amazing teamwork and collaborative culture we have . We may not have known each other our whole lives but it sure feels like it does. We are one big family, who supports one another when the other one needs it with no hesitation or judgements. We keep each other accountable and are reliable while ensuring patient safety! The Liv and Lo team are truly my other family away from home! 

What is the biggest misconception people have about the aesthetics industry? 

Given history, our society has portrayed getting botox or fillers to coming out and looking botched, with a whole new face. I want to change this misconception and show people that it is okay to get Botox and fillers because we all age and as we age we lose elasticity and volume. You can get botox and fillers and still look like yourself, but more youthful with great skin! 

What piece of advice would you give to your teen self?

Move at your own pace! You don’t need to stress yourself out or over work yourself just to compete with others. Everyone moves at their own pace and it’s okay to take life slowly, you only live once!